Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Other News......

Full Disclosure: This entry was written on July 5. It's only taken me two weeks to get all the pictures uploaded. I'd like to promise that I'll do better in the future but that may not be entirely realistic. I promise to try, but that's as good as I can do right now.

As you all know when all else fails you can count on a me for a random list, so without further adieu here is your "How is it July 51th already?" list of random happenings, with a few pictures and videos sprinkled in for good measure. Enjoy.

Kyle and I traveled to Texas a few weekends ago to pick up some furniture from my parents house. While we were there we managed to squeeze in some time for Jim and Mary, my brother and sister-in-law, to shoot some maternity photos for us. Check these out. How lucky are we to be related to such talented people?

 While we were in Texas we also discovered my parent's cat, Rascal, has a thing for ponytails. Who knew? I thought she was going to rip all the hairs out of my head.


Speaking of Rascal, it's been a little over a year since my parents found her and her brothers on their front lawn. All three of the little kitties seem to be thriving now. I wonder if they know they won their own version of the cat lottery?

Our 4th of July was fairly low-key. Kyle went for a mountain bike ride; then he wrecked on his mountain bike and came home. Then I gave him a stern lecture about being more careful, as I can't take care of him and a new baby. Then I helped him clean up his wounds and quietly prayed that if we have a boy he won't turn into a mini-dare devil version of his father. In the meantime, I'll be investing in some more Neosporin and large band-aids.

Once Kyle was cleaned up from his spill we headed to our friend Steve's house for some hot-dogs and fireworks. I made these brownies to take for dessert and they were darn yummy, a pregnant woman's best friend. We attempted to get a picture of Kyle and I to show the baby, but pregnant lady who is terrified of sparklers+crazy sparklers+attempting to stand close while holding said sparklers=lots of pictures to laugh at later.

July 4 also marked the 5th year I've been blogging. It's hard to believe this little blog has been a part of my life for so long. I started it before Kyle and I were even engaged, before I'd given much thought to quilting, and before I ever thought we'd end up in Oklahoma. Things have changed, things have gotten better than I ever could have imagined, and it's all been documented right here.

July 5 brought flowers and meals with friends. I don't think it gets more lucky than that. Side note: Of course that is a coffee cup my flowers are in. I think it's a great vase, don't judge. 

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LLB said...

Beautiful! And I had no idea you were scared of sparklers!

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